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In the former Soviet Union (with the Central Asian republics) per capita was about 6 kg of rice per year

Proposals for partnership


Scientific and methodical aid to rice farms, agricultural farms and other enterprises in development and implementation of highly efficient technologies for heavy yield of rice provision.

UAAS Rice Research Institute and its Pilot Farm would like to offer the following for sale:

  1. Rice seeds of numerous varieties and breeds
  2. Seeds of winter wheat, barley and alfalfa
  3. Commercial grain: wheat, barley, soybeans, rape and paddy rice
  4. Rice grits, broken rice and deep-milled rice flour
  5. Rice straw
  6. Meat and milk products
  7. Pigs of meat breed (Ukrainian, Askaniyskaya breed)

     All prices are negotiable and wholesale buyers will enjoy flexible discount system

We’d like to Offer Partnership to Foreign Countries


  1. Inclusion of the Rice Research Institute in the common program of Food and Agriculture Organization (UN FAO) for provision other countries with rice.
  2. Participation in international programs with attraction of foreign investments for enlargement of rice cultivated areas in Ukraine. This step will provide possibility for additional yield of 70 000 -100 000 tons of paddy rice.
  3. Participation in common scientific research projects in rice cultivation sphere, in particular, in aspects of environmental protection, exchange of selected seeds and so on.
  4. 1000 tons of high quality rice grits which quality confirmed by the EMRC Certificate of Quality (European Market Research Center) and international reward "Euro Market Award".
  5. Environmental strain testing of Ukrainian bred rice in countries with similar climatic conditions with a goal of providing these countries with high breed rice seeds.
  6. The technology of rice cultivation with consideration of environmental protection requirements is approved by the Ministry of the Ecology and natural resources of Ukraine and Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine for introduction in other countries of the world.

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EPIC INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP on Modern Technologies of Rice Growing, Global Food and Environmental Safety
«Новітні наукові розробки в галузі рисівництва та краплинного зрошення»
РІЧНИЙ ПЛАН ЗАКУПІВЕЛЬ на 2015 рік Інституту рису Національної академії аграрних наук України
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