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Rice is the main food for more than half the worlds population


Main trends of scientific research:

sergey koltsov
Sergey Koltsov,
technology department chief
  • Development and improvement of high-performance rice-cultivating technologies and separate technological processes using modern means of production under condition of resource economy and ecological stability.
  • working out land treatment complex of growing up new rice sorts, taking into account their individual peculiarities with aim to ensure all optimal growth conditions, plants development and to realize their potential production.
  • improvement of the rice feeding system on the base of organic and chemical fertilizers balanced use. Development and application of rice systems soil fertility increasing arrangements.
  • Research of development characteristics and distribution of specific hazardous organisms at the rice agroecosystems and development of effective protective integrated systems on the base of scientifically-grounded methods combination, of chemical protection usage that is safe for environment relative to agroecotoxicological peculiarities, taking into account immunologic characteristics of the culture sorts.
  • Monitoring of agro ecological and land-improvement state of the rice irrigation systems and joined territories. Introduction of the geoinformation system technologies of farm production control and development forecast.
  • The rice irrigation systems modernization and efficient waterworks constructions development to adjust water supply and water drainage.

Implemented solutions:

  • technology departmentrecirculation closed irrigation system – V.Makovsky Module
  • rice cultivation technology with consideration of environmental protection requirements valid for Ukrainian enterprises
  • the method of rice cultivation (energy saving technology for rice cultivation with aboveground sowing technique)
  • recommendations on protection of rice crops from diseases, pests and weeds
  • methodical recommendations on rice diseases diagnostics and monitoring
  • science-based system of rice feeding
  • main elements of new rice sorts agrotechnics, applied in the industry

To be done:

  • establishment of methodical-consultative and information center for scientific provision of rice farming industry
  • creation of ecologic and ameliorative monitoring of state of rice agrarian landscapes and adjacent lands
  • development of scientific grounds for integrative feeding systems for rice agrophytocenosis in aspect of their efficiency increase and yield quality improvement
  • rice irrigation ecologic and economic optimization of rice crops protection system from pests, diseases and weeds
  • introduction of local closed "bay-type" irrigation systems with reuse of drain waters under condition of reconstruction of existing rice irrigation systems in an earth canal or under condition of construction of new irrigation systems
  • Modernization of the rice irrigation systems through the way of raising land use factor and economy of water resources.

Chief of the department
Zoya Voronjuk

Candidates of Agrarian Sciences - Volodymyr Viktorovych Dudchenko, Serhiy Hervasiyovych Vozhehov, Anatoliy Dmytrovych Repnikov, Tetyana Volodymyrivna Dudchenko;
Candidate of Technical Sciences V.Makovsky,
senior researcher – Valentyn Arkadiyovych Puhach;
researchers – I.V. Zmiyevska, O.M. Yefymov;
senior laboratory technician - N.V. Izdebska,
laboratory technicians – M.I. Rohulchik, N.M. Ziryanova and S.V. Hayday.

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