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Today, the world rice farming employs about 100 million. Families in Asia and Africa

Scientific partnership

producers of rice     Within the framework of international programs of that agreements an Institute of rice cooperates with foreign scientific institutions, conducts general studies with companies and associations of Russia, Germany, Japan, Italy, Greece.

     In 2002 Institute of rice of UAAS was acceped to members of Mediterraneon associations of countries - producers of rice, which included in Food and agricultural organization UNO-FAO.

     This enables to take part in international scientific programs, conferences, seminars and symposiums; conduct the ecological investigations; changed by research information.


producers of rice     Institute of rice actively cooperates with the scientific-methodical centers of Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences (UAAS).

Institute of Agroecology of UAAS
Institute of Plant protection of UAAS
Institute of Hydrotechnology and land improvement of UAAS
National Scientific Centre "Institute of Agrarian economy"

Institute of Selection and Genetics – National Centre of Seed-growing and Sort study at Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Science

Yuriev plant production institute UAAS

Institute of grain farming of UAAS

     The association "Rice producers of Ukraine" was established in Ukraine in 2007. This public organization was formed by initiative of the largest domestic rice producers. The Founders of the association were Research Institute of Rice at UAAS, State Enterprise and Experimental Farm of the Institute, Agricultural LLC "Shturm Perekopa" (Krasnoperekopsk region, AR Krym) and ALLC "Tavryda" (Kalanchak district, Kherson region). The purpose of the established organization is protection of Ukrainian rice producers and rice product.

rice producers
rice producers

     Dudchenko V.V. was elected as a president of the association "Rice producers", director of the UAAS Rice Research Institute; Lyashenko M.A., a representative of the ALLC "Shturm Perekopa" was elected as a General Manager; Klymchenko M.S., director of APC "Karkitinskyi" was elected as a deputy General Manager.

     Questions concerning the Association you can put by phones:
8(05537) 34-7-42, 80971508257 – President of the Association;
80501346787 - General Manager the Association;
Phone/fax: 8(05537) 34-6-48.

Leading Ukrainian scientists in rice-growing

  1. Shaposhnykov Donat Hryhorovych, Doctor of Technical Science
  2. Titkov Oleksandr Oleksandrovych, Doctor of Agricultural Science
  3. Polozhyi Volodymyr Mykolayovych, Doctor of Economical Science
  4. Lymar Anatoliy Ostapovych, Doctor of Agricultural Science
  5. Vantsovskyi Anatoliy Anatoliyovych, Candidate of Agricultural Science
  6. Kozel Hanna Ivanivna, Candidate of Agricultural Science
  7. Loktionov Borys Ivanovych, Candidate of Agricultural Science
  8. Khymych Dina Pavlivna, Candidate of Technical Science
  9. Makovskyi Vitaliy Yosypovych, Candidate of Technical Science
  10. Nekrasov Mykola Yakovych, Candidate of Agricultural Science
  11. Kazanok Hryhoriy Tykhonovych, Candidate of Agricultural Science
  12. Hayday Viliam Tymophiyovych, Candidate of Agricultural Science
  13. Sudin Valeriy Mykhaylovych, Candidate of Agricultural Science
  14. Repnikov Anatoliy Ddmytrovych, Candidate of Agricultural Science
  15. Koltsov Oleksandr Volodymyrovych, Candidate of Agricultural Science
  16. Hichkin Ivan Mykolayovych
  17. Beztravnyi Viktor Andriyovych
  18. Shapar Ivan Ivanovych
  19. Zakharchenko Leonid Hryhorovych
  20. Shtepa lyubov Pavlivna

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