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There are 23 species of annual plants


certificates of rice institute

     The researchers of the Institute created and passed to state crop variety tasting more than 30 new rice varieties. 14 of them were entered to the State Register of crop varieties of Ukraine. The Institute obtained more than 20 patents and certificates of authorship for inventions. More than 600 scientific publications were published. The Institute has reorganized and perfected system of rice seeds breeding which allows fully meeting needs of Ukrainian rice farming industry in high quality seeds.

      The Institute personnel invented and developed V.I.Makovsky closed recirculation rice irrigation system with closed cycle of water yield and reuse of drainage water, which was marked by UAAS reward. The industrial prototype of the system was launched into operation at the area of 450 hectares.

diploma of rice

     The Institute researchers developed rice cultivation technology in compliance with environmental requirements valid for Ukrainian farms. The technology provides rice yield at level of 65-70 metric quintals from one hectare and even higher.

     In 2002 the UAAS Rice Research Institute became a member of the MEDRICE (Inter-Regional Cooperative Research Network on Rice in the Mediterranean Climate Areas) which is a part of UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO).

golden mercury

     In 2002 the Rice Research Institute was awarded with the laureate diploma of the International Academician Rating of popularity "Golden Fortune".

     In 2003, in the frameworks of the National Image Program "21st Century Leaders", realized by Assembly of Business Circles of Ukraine, the Rice Research Institute was rewarded with the laureate diploma of nationwide contest "Triple Nine" for modern scientific methods of breeding and new elite reproduction of the following rice varieties – Mutant-428, Spalchik, Dneprovsky, Ukraine-96.

     In November 2004 the Institute was awarded with honorary diploma and memorial order "Leader of the Agrarian Industry 2004" in the frameworks of the nationwide program "Agrarian Ukraine".

best company in ukraine

     In 2004 the institute becomes a holder of diploma for "The Best Enterprise of Ukraine" in agriculture – for provision of stable development of the enterprise.

     The same year the Rice Research Institute obtained EMRC Quality Certificate (European Marketing Research Center) – for compliance of its products quality with the world standards.

     In October 2004 the Institute obtained Diploma and memorial order "The Leader of Food and Processing Industry of Ukraine 2004".

honorary certificate of the institute of rice

     In 2005 the Rice Research Institute was awarded with the International Diploma "Euro Market Ukraine" for high quality of its products.

     In July 2005 at the 4th International Business meeting "Malta: Mediterranean Prospects" the Rice Research Institute received International Gold Medal of Quality and Certificate of Quality (Valletta, Malta, 2005) for high quality and competitiveness of its products.

     In September 2005 the UAAS Rice Research Institute was rewarded with Diploma "Commonwealth: Ukraine – Russia" for development and strengthening of economic ties between Ukraine and Russia (Kyiv, Ukraine).

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