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Rice has a different color: coffee, red, purple and even black. «Golden rice» - the result of genetic changes, rich in vitamins.

Plant Protection Laboratory

Tetiana V. Dudchenko
Tetiana V. Dudchenko,,
Head of the Plant Protection Laboratory,
Candidate of Agricultural Sciences

The Laboratory was founded in 2007. Previously the Plant Protection Department operated on the Rice Research Station. Its first head was Anatolii S. Bychko, Candidate of Biological Sciences. History of the Department is associated with the following names:
Candidate of Biological Sciences Hryhorii T. Kazanok, who headed the Department since 1974 to 1996; Scientists Shtepa L.P., Sadkovska L.A., Petkevych L.N., Zmiievska I.V., Voroniuk Z.S., Repnikov A.D., Yakovenko O.I.
Since 1996 the Plant Protection Department was subordinated to the Department of Technology as a subdivision. In 2007 the Plant Protection Laboratory was created on the Rice Institute base.

The main directions of scientific researches:

  • field evaluation of resistance to major vermin and diseases of the rice breeding material;
  • study of the basic patterns of quantity dynamics, colonization, development, and harmfulness of the major phytophagous in rice crops;
  • improvement of chemical rice protection against harmful objects;
  • study of the biological features of the agents of the most harmful rice diseases;
  • monitoring of diseases’ spreading and development;
  • theoretical grounding of fungicides rational use in the integrated system of rice protection;
  • theoretical grounding of herbicide rational use in the integrated system of rice protection;
  • study of technical efficiency of herbicides and the development of ecological technologies of their application;
  • study of the agricultural phytophagous complex formation in the rice crops rotations.

Team LabDirections of long-term work:

  • research on the formation of the resistant forms of weeds;
  • improving of the methods of investigation and diagnostics of the rice diseases;
  • determination of the rice sorts resistance types to the group of dipterous phytophagous;
  • grounding of the rational use of modern pesticides that based on the ecological features of vermin and chemicals.

Practical developments:

  • methodical recommendations on diagnostics and monitoring of the rice diseases;
  • recommendations on the integrated vermin protection system of rice crops;
  • recommendations on the integrated weeds protection system of rice crops;
  • improved and generalized methods of the field evaluation of rice sorts resistance to the basic vermin.

The Plant Protection Laboratory offers:

  • consultations and trainings of specialists on the vermin protection of the rice crops;
  • examination of the rice crops;
  • diagnostics of the harmful organisms;
  • selection of the pesticides to protect rice and grain crops.
The Laboratory Staff:

Dudchenko T.V., Candidate of Agricultural Sciences;
Dudchenko V.V., Candidate of Agricultural Sciences;
Havrysh Ye.M., Rohulchyk M.I., Junior Research Scientists.


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