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Name of the goddess of rice varies in different ethnic groups. Java is Sri Devi, after which post-harvest arrange ceremonial presentation. Bali - Ibu-Padi - mother of rice. In a national holiday \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Galungan\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" in her honor in the barn, which houses the rice, make sacrifices. And in Sumatra, Karo tribe Sidayan her name, which literally means - a girl.


institute of rice

     1963 - Resolution CK CPU and Advice of Ministers of USSR from June 11 of 1963 № 703 Skadovsk experimental station of Institute of irrigated husbandry is reorganized in Experimental station of ricegrowing.

     1968 - Dictation of Advice of Ministers of USSR from November 21 of 1968 №ll90-p and order of Minister of land reclamation and water facilities of USSR from november 28 №530-H Skadovsk experimental station of ricegrowing is renamed to Ukrainian research station of rice.

     1990 - Advice of Ministers of USSR resolution from September 22 of 1990 №279 create Ukrainian academy of agrarian sciences (UAAS).
In accordance with order from December 29 of 1990 №237 Ukrainian research stations of rice fell into network of research organizations which is subordinated academies.

институт риса

      1992 - Order on UAAS from April 14 of 1992 №100 coordinated with Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from March 26 of 1992 №4336 Ukrainian research stations of rice was renamed to Experimental station of rice of UAAS

      2003 - in accordance with Resolution of UAAS №124 from December 15 of 2003 - Experimental station of rice of UAAS is reorganized in Institute of rice of UAAS.

      2010 - According to the Decree of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine № 69 of September 7, 2010, Rice Institute UAAS renamed the Institute of Rice NAAN.

Directors of the Rice Research Institute in Chronological Order
(years indicated are years in service)

vladimir dudchenko Vladimir Dudchenko (Director of the Rice Research Institute from 2006 year), Candidate of Agrarian Sciences
He is engaged in development of system for integrated protection of rice crops from diseases, pests and weeds.
He is a president of the Ukrainian "Rice Producers" Association.
anatoly vantsovsky Anatoly Vantsovsky (1979-2005 - years in service), Candidate of Agrarian Sciences, honored agrarian of Ukraine, awarded with "For distinction in Labor" medal (1971), "For Valor in Labor" medal (1973), "The Red Banner of Labor" (1977), "The Red Banner of Labor" (1986), "Order of Merit" of third grade (2000). In 2003 he was nominated a laureate of Ukrainian nationwide contest "Businessman of Ukraine". In 2004 he received the international award "Golden Mercury" for personal contribution to recovery of economy of the country and development of integration processes.
      During his work the Pilot Farm (the Rice Research Institute) under his guidance and with his immediate participation bred and passed for state testing more than 20 new varieties of rice. 13 of them were entered into the State Register of Crop Varieties of Ukraine. The institute received more than 30 patents and certificates of authorship for the inventions. More than 400 scientific publications were published. The V.I.Makovsky closed recirculation rice irrigation system with closed cycle of water yield and reuse of drainage water was invented and marked by UAAS reward. The industrial prototype of the system was launched into operation at the area of 450 hectares. The Institute developed rice cultivation technology in compliance with environmental requirements.
vasily tkachuk Vasily Tkachuk (1970-1979 - years in service)
He governed activities aimed at new varieties of rice breeding, development of rice cultivation technologies and towing method of rice harvesting. He had also contributed significantly to the development of the Pilot Farm.
vladimir polozhy Vladimir Polozhy (1966-1970 - years in service), Doctor of Economic Sciences
He had heavily contributed to researches in sphere of the economy of water irrigation systems and rice cultivation. He published more than 100 scientific publications and trained 5 Candidates of Science. The material and technical assets of the Pilot Farm sustained significant increase and improvement when he occupied director’s position.
boris loktionov Boris Loktionov (1965-1966 - years in service), Candidate of Agrarian Sciences
He conducted extensive activities for research of efficient methods of salinated lands reclamation and was engaged in research of rice cultivation under constant flood condition. He paid attention to the aspects of increase of cultivated lands and fertility of salinated lots and salted soil spots in the southern regions of Ukraine.
vitaly babanin Vladimir Babanin (1963-1965 - years in service)
He made serious contribution to set-up and development of the Rice Pilot Farm as a scientific research institution. He had conducted serious research of peculiarities of winter wheat crops cultivation at the rice farming rotating lands and at irrigated salinated soils.

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